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Imagine your dream wedding

Ideas & Inspiration for your Wedding

Come and discover everything you need for a perfect wedding. From creative wedding gift ideas to perfect wedding invitations - find quick and easy photo gifts for any wedding occasion.

Wedding preperations & decoration

In order for your wedding table to become a real sight, we have put together a variety of decorative ideas for you. Let yourself be inspired.

The perfect wedding gift

Are you looking for a wedding gift that is both personal and creative? Then you will surely find what you are looking for with our Pixum photo gifts.

Treasured memories

As unique as your love - capture dreamlike moments from the most beautiful day of your life on individual photo products and give them to friends and relatives.

Creative decoration for your special day

Wedding preperations & decoration

Let your creativity run wild when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. With our creative ideas for the wedding preparations and decoration, your wedding will be an unforgettable experience.

There are lots of decoratiing ideas for the perfect wedding. Needless to say, candles, high-quality napkins, table sets or runners as well as a variety of flowers are essential. But all of this is, in principle, exchangeable and not very individual at all. If you would like a more personal table decoration, the Pixum decoration ideas for your ideal wedding are just the thing for you. We will show you all the possibilities you have when it comes to creating personalised decoration with Pixum photo products!

Custom folding cards

No matter whether it's an invitation, a table or a menu card. The Pixum folding cards are truly versatile when it comes to creating your personal cards.

Acrylic print menu cards

Put the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day dining table with an acrylic print serving as your menu.

Photo stickers as table decoration

Decorate your dining table in a unique style. Wrap the cutlery in an elegant fashion in the right napkin, adding a photo sticker of the guests or host.

Wedding notepads

Organising a wedding is hard work. To not lose sight of all the important dates, meetings and fittings, we recommend writing everything down in one of our Pixum notepads, personalised with your favourite picture.

Acrylic print for your buffet

Alongside delicious food, this really is the perfect touch to the perfect buffet. Use an acrylic photo print as a platter for serving tasty nibbles!

Your menu on a folding card

Who doesn't look forward to the delicious wedding dinner? Give your guests a taste of what you will be serving with a customised menu card

A gift for the guests

What do you think about using Polaroid-style snaps as place cards and then afterwards as a keepsake for your guests to remember? An individually designed Polaroid-style print is quick and at the same time super creative.

Glitter globes for the dining table

Create a fun and romantic atmosphere with flying hearts and your favourite photo in your personalised Pixum photo glitter globe.

Place cards as menu pointers

What's in that sauce? What do the muffins taste like? Make it a great evening for foodies and gourmets alike, made easier with our place cards to indicate what's what.

Th dream team of cards

Why not design all the cards around your wedding in the same design? Choose from a variety of designs and create your own wedding theme.

Postcards in the sky

Print out post cards with the address of the happy couple on them and tie them to balloons. Maybe some of the post cards will even come flying back!

Perfect placement with a forex print

Print the seating plan for your wedding guests on a Pixum Forex Print. There are no limits to your design possibilities and the printing material is incredibly light-weight.

Exceptional photo gifts for the bride and groom

Memorable gifts for the happy couple

At a wedding, the bride and groom receive a lot of gifts. Are you looking for creative ideas for a gift, that they will never forget? Individually customised photo gifts have a high personal value and are the perfect way to congratulate the happy couple.

Place card as a gift tag

Who was this gift from again? Let them take a guess and create these unique gift tags for the happy couple.

Pixum Photo Book from friends

Nostalgic memories - delight the happy couple by giving them a Pixum Photo Book with pictures from the time they have spent together.

Photo Calendar with vouchers

Create a Pixum Photo Calendar for the happy couple. With one awesome photo and a voucher for every month of the year.

Photo piggy bank for the hooneymoon

For richer, for poorer. Poorer? Give the couple a photo money box with an image of their favourite destination so they can save up!

Photo note book as Wedding diary

For better, for worse. Give the just married couple a lovely reminder of the day they tied the knot with a unique diary charting the day.

Photo stickers as bottle labels

You want to give a decent bottle of wine, but think it's missing a certain something? Personalise it with a photo sticker.

Fridge magnets to remember

The perfect group gift. Give the happy couple notes with a personal photo and attach to a metal wall using a personalised photo fridge magnet.

Photo Poster as a voucher

For example, present the happy couple with a voucher for a hot air balloon ride and get all those involved to add their signature to the poster.

Treasure your most beautiful memories forever

Remember the most beautiful day in your life - your Wedding

The long-awaited day is finally here - you're getting married! Here you will find lots of ideas & inspiration for various products, that are perfect to hold on to and treasure your most precious memories and moments. Never forget a single moment of your marriage with a Pixum Photo Book, photo calendar, photo prints or photo collages.

You want to share your memories with everyone or just say thank you for the special day? At Pixum you will also find opportunities to present your guests with a little something after the wedding. Be it a greeting card with a big Thank You or a Pixum Photo Book especially for the flower children or the groom's men.

Thank you cards

Want to thank your guests for joining you on your most special of days? Send them a Pixum photo greeting card with your favourite image of your wedding.

A collage full of memories

Use your wedding snaps and get them printed as Retro Prints to give to the happy couple.

Pixum Photo Book for witnesses

Give your best man and bridesmaid a big thank you for their support and rousing speeches with a Pixum Photo Book with the best images of you together on the big day.

A Pixum Photo Book full of memories

Preserve the best moments from your wedding forever in an elegant Pixum Photo Book and relive the happiest day of your life again and again.

Say thanks with a Pixum Photo Book

Let your pictures do the talking and send a Pixum Photo Book mini to your guests as a unique thank you for their presence on your special day.

Pixum Photo Book for the little ones

A Pixum Photo Book for the little ones. That way, even the smallest of helpers will be able to remember your wedding day forever.

A row of beautiful memories

Create amazing keepsakes for you and your guests with Pixum Photo strips. Design each one individually!

Pixum Photo Book for the grandparents

Let your grandparents share the joy with great memories of your big day, preserved forever in a Pixum Photo Book.

The framed canvas print

There are sure to be moments from your wedding that you never want to forget. Get them printed on canvas, framed and make them into a feature of your home.

Photo memory game

Order a photo memory game with pictures of the wedding guests. That way, even years later you can remember your wedding fondly by playing a game.

The perfect gift box for your Pixum Photo Book

Friends and family make every wedding or jubilee perfect. make the memories even more perfect by handing your Pixum Photo book over packaged in a luxury gift box wrapped in black linen.
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