Get your photo as an Acrylic Print for an impressive depth effect.


Thanks to the high-quality UV direct printing your image gets vibrant colours. The acrylic glass intensifies a 3D-like depth effect of your shot.

Your favourite picture as Pixum Acrylic Print

Wall Art to WOW - created in no time at all! Here is what you get letting your photo being printed on the modern acrylic glass panel:

  • light & durable wall art, compared to a photo printed on real glass
  • 100% water and weatherproof print - may be used outside
  • 4 mm thin acrylic glass sheet
  • lots of sizes available: from 20x20 cm up to 150×100 cm
  • slightly translucent finish, perfect for backlit decoration
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • elegant glossy finish for an amazing depth effect

How much does my acrylic print cost?

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    Wall hangers

    Screw set

    There are 4 pre-drilled holes in the corner of your print and a set of 4 silver decorative screws included in the delivery. The space between the painting and the wall is about 20 mm.

    Clamping set

    4 silver metal clamping wall brackets are to be fixed on the wall. Simply slide the print onto the installed clamping system. No pre-drilled holes on the image itself! The space between the painting and the wall is about 20 mm.

    Other options

    If you don't want to have any visible parts on the print surface, consider our Gallery Prints as an alternative. It's also an acrylic sheet on the surface with a layer of aluminium and a hard board attached to its back. Therefore, wall hangers mounted on the back of a Gallery Print will remain unseen.

    No mounting kit added

    You can also order your new wall art with no wall hangers to place it for example on a picture ledge in your room. Please keep in mind, that due to the translucent finish, any mounting kit attached to the back of the Acrylic Print, would be seen through.

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    All you wanted to know about Acrylic Prints

    FAQ - Most common questions >>>

    • Where and how do I design an Acrylic Print?
      Where and how do I design an Acrylic Print?

      Create and order your Pixum Acrylic Print with only a few clicks either with our Online Editor or in the Photo World Software. As soon as you have selected the material, click on "Create Now":

      1. select the size as well as portrait or landscape shape from the wide range of formats
      2. add matching wall fixings
      3. upload your favourite photo
      4. edit photo if necessary - change the layout (create a photo collage with several images), the background colour, crop, change corner radius, use filters, correct colours, etc.
      5. ordered on Sunday evening, your photo printed on acrylic glass panel most probably arrives by the weekend. The delivery time is quite short for a quality product
    • How do I hang an Acrylic Print?
      How do I hang an Acrylic Print?

      Mounting an acrylic picture print is very easy with our wall fixings. Choose from two different wall hangers:

      • clamping set
      • screw set

      The metal clamps are great if you don't want to have any part of the acrylic print cut off or altered. They simply fold around the edges of your acrylic print and hold it tight. If you choose the screw system, your acrylic picture will be delivered with pre-drilled holes in all four corners of the print. For a better idea, watch our short video on wall hangers on our YouTube channel.

      Ordering an Acrylic Print with no added mounting kit, please bear in mind that everything attached to the print's back would be seen through due to the translucent finish.

    • How to clean Acrylic Glass Print?
      How to clean Acrylic Glass Print?

      Acrylic Prints are easy to maintain: simply remove dust with a soft cloth. Shall there be few fingertips visible just after your astonished guests have left, simply wipe these off with a wet cloth & a mild soap solution - you do remember that it is 100% waterproof and weatherproof. This makes the acrylic print the easiest of all our wall art printing materials to be maintained. It's a UV direct-printed piece of art, it will last you decades! You can even hang it outside and never have to worry about rain or snow.

    Material & product details

    Wall Print to be Backlit

    Acrylic Print is ideal option if you are looking for Wall Art with unique depth and luminosity. Your photo gets brilliant colours and an impressive almost 3D effect. The snaps turn to bright portraits, dazzling underwater shots or intensely coloured panorama nature photos. Best option if you are looking for Wall Art to be backlit! We recommend using LED backlight and place the bulbs at a 90-degree angle to only see the light rays, not the single bulbs.

    What is Acrylic Glass

    Acrylic glass is a modern lightweight alternative to the traditional glass. Acrylic glass (actually: polymethyl methacrylate) is a synthetic material originally made from crude oil. This material is extremely robust, high-quality and semi-transparent. It is a perfect choice for manufacturing large photo prints. An Acrylic Print has a real-glass look but is not nearly as heavy and that costly.

    Why printing with Pixum?

    • Depth effect: The acrylic glass layer creates a stunning depth effect with brilliant colours to intensify the mood of your picture.
    • Robustiness: This material is extremely robust and insensitive.
    • Weather resistance: Acrylic Prints can withstand any kind of weather - also suitable for outdoor areas and bathrooms.

    Wall Hangers

    • screw system - as shown on the image to the left, the metal fixings are to be placed into the pre-drilled holes and then screwed to the wall. Perfect for very large acrylic prints!
    • clamping system - silver metal fixtures are first to be fixed on the wall. Simply slide the print between the wall and place it on the mounted clamps. No pre-drilled holes on the image itself!
    • other options - if you don't want any visible parts on the print surface, consider our Gallery Print as an alternative. It's also an acrylic sheet on the surface, backed with a layer of aluminium and a hard board.

    Thanks to the excellent quality acrylic, your print looks luxurious compared to a simple photo print or photo poster of the same size. The price depends on the size & format. Choose the perfect size for your print among 50 different formats available at Pixum, be it a small square print or a large panoramic frame. Pixum offers great design possibilities for your Wall Art, which are even more extensive in the free Photo World Software. In order to show off the bright colours of your glass photo as good as possible, upload images with the highest pixel resolution you can get.

    Let us inspire you!

    Create a multi-image wall art: a photo collage

    • various layouts for creative design
    • your own photos printed directly on high-quality acrylic glass
    • design directly online and order with only a few clicks

    Creative ideas with your acrylic print

    Looking for new ideas for your new Wall Art? Discover great design variety with funny comics, the inspiration for arranging your personal Wall Art Gallery or creative DIY tips.

    Acrylic Photo Printing in an award-winning quality

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