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Acrylic Print

Enhances the colour luminance, depth and detail of your photos by printing them directly onto acrylic glass.
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The Acrylic Print

The Acrylic Print: Maximum depth effect, colour brilliance, protection and quality

Enhances the colour luminance, depth and detail of your photos by printing them directly onto acrylic glass.

Are you looking for a way to print your photos onto acrylic glass to make your very own wall art? Do you want your photos to shine in all their colours, gain an incredible depth effect, be waterproof and easy to hang? Then the Pixum Acrylic Print is the right wall art for you.

What makes our acrylic photo prints so special?

  • We only use high-quality 4 mm thin plexiglass to get an acrylic print, that isn't only lighter than real glass, but also much more durable and stable.
  • Thanks to the acrylic glass your photo print will be 100% water and weather proof.
  • We make sure that you acrylic print is safely packaged and delivered to you in no time.
  • We offer your acrylic photo as direct print with 7-colour-UV print directly onto the acrylic glass plate, which gives 100% UV resistance - or as a fine art print with your photo developed onto glossy photo paper and then mounted onto the acrylic glass plate.
  • Choose your picture hangers be it with metallic polished screws or clamps.
  • And lots of of sizes and formats available from 20×20 cm to 150×100 cm in portrait, landscape, square, panorma.

Picture hangers available for an Acrylic Print

Choose the picture hanger that suits you best. You can add them as you create your wall art.
  • Screw system

    Screw system

    Your product will be delivered with pre-drilled holes. You can then hang your Pixum Wall Art on the wall with the four supplied metal screws, which allow a 2 cm gap to the wall.

  • Clamping system

    Clamping system

    The four clamping brackets are included in the delivery. You can then hang your photo print on the wall with the four supplied mounting screws. The picture hanging kit is flexible; your Pixum Wall Art will remain unaffected by the clamping brackets. The clamping system allows a 2 cm gap between the wall and the Pixum Wall Art. The clamping system accommodates Pixum Wall Art with up to 7 cm material thickness. For all Pixum Wall Art products with a thickness less than 7 cm, such as the Pixum Forex Print, Acrylic Print and Aluminium Print, spacers to stick on will be provided. This way, your Pixum Wall Art product will be perfectly secured in the clamping system.

  • Without picture hanging kit

    Without picture hanging kit

    This product can also be purchased without any picture hanging kit.

Customer feedback for our Acrylic Print

More infos on the Acrylic Print

Acrylic photo prints: Breath-taking depth effect through glass printing

The Pixum Acrylic Photo Prints are the ideal choice for you to add depth and luminosity to your pictures. The acrylic glass intensifies the colours and produces an impressive 3D effect, whether it's a light-coloured portrait, an iridescent underwater picture or a strongly coloured photo of a nature landscape.

The Pixum Acrylic Print has been reviewed in the latest issue of the Digital Photographer Magazine (11/2017). This is what they have to say:

"Pixum has the most layout options, plus you can add in extra images and place them where you want. You can add text and background colours, and there are lots of sizes available."

Acrylic glass: What to expect from this kind of material

In general, acrylic glass is often referred to as plexi glass. Acrylic (actually: polymethyl methacrylate) is a plastic, which is originally made from crude oil. After the various production steps, an extremely robust and transparent material is created, which now plays an important role in the printing of pictures and photos. The material is similar to glass in appearance but is not nearly as heavy and costly.

An acrylic print offers you lots of advantages:

  • Depth: The acrylic glass creates a strong depth effect and colour luminance that highlights your subject.
  • Robustness: Acrylic glass pictures are extremely sturdy.
  • Weather resistance: Photos on acrylic glass withstand any weather, which is why they are suitable for the outdoors as well as for the bathroom.
  • Playing with light: Because the acrylic glass is transparent, you can install a light source behind the wall and light it from behind. This results in particularly bright colors.

UV direct printing or Fine Art Printing?

With the Pixum Acrylic Glass Print you can chose which printing method suits you the best. With UV direct printing, the ink is applied directly to the acrylic glass. It forms a thin layer under the acrylic glass. Because your photo is printed on the backside of the acrylic glass plate, the UV direct printing method will intensify the 3D depth effect of your photo and enhance the colour luminance and detail of your photos.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for Fine Art printing, your photo will initially be developed on premium photo paper and then mounted onto the acrylic glass. This is why the Fine Art Printing method results in a glossy finish. This wall art creation on acrylic glass is available in more than 50 formats.

The Pixum picture hangers

You can order your acrylic print with different picture hanging kit options depending on the picture size and format. The screw system is popular for this kind if wall art, in which decorative screws are pre-drilled through the holes in the acrylic glass and then mounted on to the wall. In the clamping system the clamps are simply pushed over the edges of the wall art and so fixate the picture to the wall. In both cases the caps of the screws are visible from the front and a gap of about 2 cm to the wall will be visible.

Mirror plates are only available for Fine Art acrylic prints, which, thanks to the self-adhesive surface are simply glued onto the back of your wall art. They lead to a wall-picture-gap of about 1 cm. If you do not need a picture hanging kit, you can order your Pixum Acrylic Photo Print without a suspension system. Come and discover all that acrylic glass prints have to offer when it comes to printing your photos on the most durable and light-weight material. Let your creativity run wild!

Mounting a picture at Pixum is more than just hanging a photo on your wall. With our wall hangers we wish to complement you acrylic photo and give it that extra touch of luxury.

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