Family Time with your own Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

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Available sizes for your personal Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

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Product information

Two options to choose from:

The Pixum Photo Puzzle is printed on a durable cardboard and is available in different sizes - from 30×20 cm (112 pieces) up to 65×47.5 cm (1.000 pieces):

The classic: Photo Puzzle from Pixum

  • available sizes: S (112 pcs), M (266 pcs), L (500 pcs) and XL (1,000 pcs)
  • a 10 cm photo print (10 cm) of the jigsaw image is included
  • material: durable cardboard
  • surface: Glossy

You can also order your own Pixum Photo Puzzle in well-known Ravensburger quality - with a larger number of pieces and your photo printed on top of the box's lid:

Photo Puzzle from Ravensburger:

  • available sizes: L (500 pcs), XL (1.000 pcs) and XXL (1.500 pcs)
  • includes a 10 cm photo print (10 cm) of the photo printed on top of the puzzle. Your photo is also printed on top of the cardboard box's lid.
  • material: the original Ravensburger cardboard box
  • surface: slightly structured matt

Design your Photo Jigsaw in no time

Here's how do do it:

  1. Choose the jigsaw puzzle from the Photo Gifts section and decide on the number of pieces and pick a matching image.
  2. Think on those who the gift is meant to be for - pick an option with less pieces and an images with fewer details if it is to be solved by kids.
  3. You can create your photo jigsaw puzzle directly in the Online-Editor here, on our homepage, or use the Pixum Photo World software on your desktop computer.
  4. In addition to that, you can edit the uploaded photo and manually adjust the colours, contrast and brightness if you wish. Depending on the occasion for the perfect gift, for example a wedding, you might want to add a text and date stamp. This way, the most beautiful moments will be kept in memory even better! You can also create a photo collage to be printed on your photo jigsaw.

Photo Jigsaw as a voucher

Looking for a creative way to give away a voucher? Create an extraordinary photo puzzle with a surprise effect! A very special gift for your most favourite person or the grandparents - they will be thrilled with it.

Photo Puzzle with a Collage

Got several images that would fit for the Photo Puzzle? Create a photo collage with several photos and a background colour to be printed on your photo jigsaw. For professional puzzle solvers!

Very important: the image resolution for the best possible quality

Your photo puzzle will be printed borderless with the picture you upload. Should the image resolution be too low for the chosen size of the photo puzzle, there will appear an Attention! sign. Simply switch to a smaller puzzle size to get the best possible quality and most fun with the puzzle.


For the smallest puzzle size with 112 pieces, you get good results with photos from about 1224 x 823 pixels or about 1 MP.

Great Gifts for the Quality Family Time

Solving a personalized photo jigsaw is a lot of fun! Use your own photo to create a custom game for the whole family or friends - and it's so quick and easy to create.

As a gift for a special occasion (such as your wedding save-the-date cards), the assembled photo jigsaw puzzle can also be glued onto a solid cardboard and framed. Your beautiful memory becomes a great eye-catcher that you will love to look at over and over again.

Surprise your loved one with a picture puzzle of the two of you, delight the grandparents with a lovely photo of the grandchildren or simply enjoy solving the puzzle with a nice shot from your last beach holiday. It's so much fun!

Customer feedback: Pixum Photo Puzzle

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