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We are Pixum

Pixum is more than just a firm. It's also a workplace, that brings together more than 100 people from 15 nationalities, who all contribute to a unique atmosphere of tolerance, humour and creativity. Bringing all those people together and forming new ideas in the process, guarantees, that Pixum will always be innovative in its ideas and concepts. We all strive to achieve the best possible service for our clients, starting with an easy to follow ordering process and finishing with a safe, speedy delivery. While Pixum is based in Cologne, Germany, the diversity of our team makes it possible to offer our high quality services to the whole of Europe.

The Team

Fy Gadiot - Head of International Marketing

"I love working in an international team. Working together with different nationalities really inspires me to come up with new, innovative ideas."

Amaya Pascual Cajal - Technology & front-end

"The working atmosphere is really nice and there are always new challenges to face."

Giovanni Ponti - Client Service

"I love working at Pixum, because I can identify myself with everything related to Pixum, be it our products, the colleagues or the work ethics."

Morten Knudsen - Responsible for Online Marketing Denmark

"From the start, I felt like a full member of the Pixum Team. New ideas are welcome and we constantly experiment with new approaches."

Rocío Martín García - Responsible for Marketing Spain

"I feel at home at Pixum, because it really feels like a second family to me. When there is a problem, we help each other out. When achieve something, we all celebrate together."

Jessica Koronkiewicz - Graphic Designer

"I work as a graphic designer. My job lets me work on a wide range of projects, which help me develop my talents."

Meet Daniel and Pixum

Accompany Daniel Attallah, founder and CEO of Pixum, on a walk through Pixum's offices and its production. Come along and meet us and find out more about the 15 years of success that made Pixum what it is today. We hope you enjoy it!

Come work at Pixum!

Would you like to work at Pixum? Then come and browse our open vacancies. All job offers are in German as it is our main working language at Pixum.