You will need:

  • 32 passport photos of your best images
  • 1 large frame (of at least 60×60cm)
  • 1 photo carton, A3 or A2 format (depending on frame size)
  • Handicraft utensils (scissors, glue, pencil)

How to:

  1. Remove the rear of the frame and cut out the photo cardboard to fit the frame.
  2. Draw the outline of a star on the cardboard.
  3. Now arrange your photo on the cardboard along the line and fill up the rest of the empty area with the remaining passport photos.
  4. Glue the photos the cardboard.
  5. Now place the piece of the cardboard on the rear and close these at the end.
  6. Your star of photos is now ready.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!