Putting it on the table

  • Photos of your family, friends, or Easterr motives
  • Pixum placemats and coasters

How it's done

  1. Create one of our place mat sets with photos of your family. For example, you can create a place mat set for each one of your children or grandchildren, meaning they can no longer be confused with one another. If you're having a lot of people over for Easter dinner, you can create a set of place mats with a photo of each guests. That way, they'll be able to see exactly where they're sitting.
  2. Create matching coasters with spring motifs (only one picture can be used for each set of coasters).
  3. Once you have received your place mats and coasters, you can use them to decorate your dining table.
  4. Put a bouquet of spring flowers and napkins matching the colour scheme on the table or use an easter pendant as a place card.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!