Upload: Which file formats can I upload to Pixum?

Besides JPEG files you can also upload images saved in one of following formats:

  • bmp
  • gif
  • png
  • pcx
  • tga
  • tiff

However, we strongly recommend to only upload JPG files! We advise this because:

  • The file size of images in other formats are usually considerably bigger, which prolongs the time needed for upload.
  • All digital cameras allow you to save your images in JPG format.
  • All image editing programs and scan programs support saving your images in JPG format.
  • The JPG format was designed for optimal storage of photos.

Please note when uploading other formats (especially TIFF) to upload the file in the correct colour room (RGB). Files with the colour room CMYK cannot be processed! The same goes for files smaller than 50 KB and larger than 50 MB.


Tips for converting images

On the website: http://www.irfanview.com you will find freeware to open, view and convert all possible file types.

In Windows (from version 98) you can use the program "Paint" to convert images from BMP to JPG.


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