Orders & Delivery: Can I also expose black and white photos?

Our photos are exposed on professional photo paper. This stands out due to better contrasts, fascinating plastic details, clear whites and an enlarged colour space.

With our photo paper we offer our customers a clear optical and tangible professional quality for the same price. Black and white photos are printed on the same paper.

The quality of black and white photos on our paper is sufficient, but may not be satisfactory for a professional.

For successful black and white printing, the images uploaded to Pixum should meet following conditions:

  • JPG file
  • more than 50 Kilobyte in size
  • less than 50 Megabyte in size
  • Colour room(s)RGB, meaning 3 colour channels
  • no CMYK colour room
  • no embedded colour profiles (e.g. Adobe RGB)

Please note that some image editing programs, like for instance Adobe Photoshop, take the three colour channels and make them into one when changing your image to a grey scale.

Therefore you should convert your files with your editing program to the colour modus grey scale (RGB). Please consult the online help service of the manufacturer if necessary.

Alternatively you can also use the free software Irfanview for this. With this software you can convert any image to the required grey scale(RGB) in just a few steps. Please open the file, select "Convert to grey scale" in the menu "Image" and save the file again in JPG format. Please try to keep the compression (ideally 100% when saving) as low as possible.

You can download the program here:


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