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Splitting a photo into three or four parts and adding it as separate pictures to your wall is another possibility with Pixum. It's easily done in just a few steps. If the many sizes and formats available on Pixum are not enough for you, and if you'd like to create a multi-piece Pixum Wall Art, then you only need a photo-processing program that separates your photos into three or four equal-sized parts. This lets you get started on your multi-piece wall art. Here we will explain how all this works and we will give you an introduction to the free image processing program, IrfanView.
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Step by Step

Download, install and run Irfan View

Before you get started, you should install IrfanView on your PC, if you do not already have this application. As soon as you've installed it, you can start cutting (also known as "slicing") your photos.

Selecting photos for your multi-piece wall art

The number of parts in your wall art should depend on the final format. For example, if your photo was taken in the 2: 1 or square format (you can change these settings on the camera, or calculate them by the page length), then you should choose a composition for your multi-piece wall art that best matches the desired material.

For example, a photo taken in the 2: 1 format can be divided into three murals measuring 120 × 20 cm in the panoramic format, instead of a 120 × 60 cm aluminum dibond wall painting. In the same way, photos can be divided into nine images of 40 × 30 cm or four images of 60 × 45 cm for aluminium dibond images, instead of on a wall canvas with the dimensions 120 × 90 cm.

Open the picture and cut it up into several parts

To get to work on your three-, four- or six-piece wall art, choose for your favourite picture and open it with Irfanview. Then use the magnifying glasses in the editing bar to see the image completely on the monitor. Once this step is completed, go to the "Extract Picture Parts / Tiles" section in "Options". Now you can specify how many pieces you want to have make up the final piece.

Extract image parts and split your photos into pieces

After clicking on this button, a window will open up. There you can now determine how many tiles you want to create. Depending on the size of the individual parts of the piece, we recommend four square pieces or three rectangular ones so that the image does not seem too disjointed when hung on the wall. To split the wall art into three, four, or more parts, simply enter the rows and columns you want to create at the end of the number of tiles. Then a folder where you'll keep the photo parts and then choose a format (usually .jpg or .png) and then all you have to do is press Start.

Take a good look at your multi-piece wall art

After you click, you'll be notified that the task has been completed. You'll then find your photos ready in the target folder. Now you can see if the desired layout for the picture is perfect or whether important parts of the photo may have been affected by the process.

If instead of the square solution, you would prefer a 3-part wall art with a rectangular photo form, instead of the 2 × 2 tile format, you should then choose a 3 × 1 cut.

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Use the Pixum photo world software to find the right material for your wall art

Now you can choose the material and the size for your three- or four-part wall art via the Pixum Photo World software. If you decide on the three part variant, click on the appropriate material (note that the screens will cut off several centimetres and therefore parts of the picture may be lost!). Select the size that you want for your wall. The materials Alu-Dibond, Forex and Acrylic Glass as well as Gallery Print are ideal for multi-piece pictures.

For example, you could opt for a panorama format with aluminium dibond, which creates outstanding effects especially under direct light and it truly emphasises your picture. Due to its matt surface, there is no light reflection on the aluminium dibond wall art, which is why they can be hung in light-flooded rooms and even in places where they'll get hit by direct sunlight.

Choose the right settings and import your photo

In the next and penultimate step, you can align the panorama image and add your creation via the software. In the right-hand side of the screen, you can select the location of the cropped photos in photos and videos. After that, you must drag the photos into the preview screen.

However, since the panorama image is initially set for a horizontal layout, you must select the portrait format in "Page layouts" and then click on the desired image using "Photos and Videos".

Select the right wall mounting and any additional products

If you would prefer a hidden wall mount, you should select the "aluminium profile" in the last step. This adds a metal frame to the back. This in turn allows you to attach the brackets at a variable distance from one another. As an alternative, the wall bracket including a bore can be selected.

If the wall holder for the first image is selected, the individual steps are completed and you only have to add the two other images for the same piece. Use the "Add products" button (in the bottom left). Do the same to add the final piece to your shopping cart.

Find the right distance between the images

Before you start creating your own wall painting, we would like to point out that the distance between the individual pieces should not be overlooked! This small but ultimately very important detail is often forgotten. The distance between the picture pieces that you plan on hanging on the wall have to be well thought out. So, it might be best to opt for a slightly smaller wall art. The distance can vary, but it would be a shame if there was not enough space on the wall for all of the picture.

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    An overview of the steps for creating your multi-piece wall art

    In short, you need follow these five steps to create your multi-piece wall art.

    1. Download and install IrfanView (if you haven't got it already).
    2. Import the picture and select the piece under Options Extract Image Parts / Tiles.
    3. Import the saved image parts into the Pixum photo world software and then select the material (watch out for the cutting!) and the correct size.
    4. Select your preferred wall mounting and repeat the steps for each piece of the wall art.
    5. Order your beautiful collection by clicking on "Buy now".

    Some things to consider when selecting images

    As we've mentioned before, when editing your photos to create a wall art, there may be a small trimming on the sides. This means that a few millimetres of the image could be lost! Therefore, when creating your multi-piece wall art, take care to ensure that important parts of the image are not in direct vicinity of the trimming.

    The 4 cm thick frame is also printed on the screens, which means that this area of each picture is also lost. For this reason, the large canvases are suitable as a multi-piece wall art. If you pay careful attention to these points, your own piece will still look great and you can look forward to hanging your new creation on the wall within a few days.

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