Pixum Wall Weekly Planner

Design your Pixum wall weekly planner now. You will be amazed by the impressive effect of the acrylic glass.

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More time for important things

Plan your events

What highlights have been planned for this week? Either an event or a relaxing break - both should be well organised. That's not a problem with your Pixum wall weekly calendar. The matching, easy-wipe pen in black colour is included.

Acrylic Glass

Your wall weekly planner in 40×40cm or 60×60cm is very durable and sturdy thanks to a 4mm thick acrylic glass. This material boasts an impressive depth effect. In addition to your wall weekly planner, you receive a dry-erase marker in black.

Organizing in a sustainable way

Your Pixum wall weekly planner with the compact size of 40×40 cm has been created to successfully resist the everyday family chaos thanks to the robust acrylic glass. At the same time, you help the environment by reducing your family's paper consumption.

How to mount your new wall weekly planner

Screw system

The elegant option
  • visible, stylish mounting kit with decorative screws in silver
  • 20 mm distance from the wall
  • mounting with supplied screws and pre-drilled holes
  • including a dry-erase marker in black

Clamp system

The smart option
  • no annoying drill holes in the print
  • 20 mm distance to the wall
  • mounting kit (in silver) still visible from the front
  • a dry-erase marker in black is included

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