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Set your own starting month for your photo calendar

Normally we are used to see a calendar that begins in January. In most cases, it seems to make sense to buy or give away calendars just before or after the start of the New Year. So, calendars filled with pictures of the grandchildren are often found under Christian trees as little gifts for the grandparents. Calendars offer us orientation and remind us of our holidays or upcoming special events. For recurring events, a perpetual calendar without a weekday is perfectly suitable. Check out the different calendar formats and types online, via the Pixum photo world software or by using the Pixum photo book app.

Even in the Roman Empire, calendars were used which began with the first day of a respective month. The importance back then was then different: calendars served as a kind of deadline, which documented how long debts would drag on. The starting date of the months still seems to be a useful point of reference today. It looks different in the start month of the calendar.

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Select the appropriate month for the beginning of your calendar

It is not always handy to open a calendar on the 1st of January. For example, school years do not start on this date, so it might be advisable to adapt a student calendar to match the beginning of the school year or the start of the semester. To get an overview of your holidays and school-free days, it is helpful to enter them directly into the calendar. With the Pixum photo world software, this is easily done at the push of a button. As soon as you have decided on a wall, table or set-up calendar and the appropriate design, you will find the option "Holidays / school holidays" on the preview, just under the "Start date and holidays" tab. Let yourself be inspired by the various options to make the calendar perfect for the person and the purpose. Activate the function "holidays / school holidays" by clicking on the link and selecting the respective dates. Your start date can also be adjusted through this tab.

It's not just the beginning of the school year has a very precise start date, which does not fit the usual calendars. Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated throughout the year. For example, surprise the birthday child by choosing the birth month as the first or last month on your calendar. Decorate it with charming snapshots from different stages of life - an excellent birthday surprise!

Whether it's a present for a wedding, birthday or an anniversary, a photo calendar from Pixum is a suitable gift all year round and it allows you to give special people a gift that has a truly personal touch to it.

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