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Give the gift of surprise: Photo calendars as voucher booklets

Vouchers are the classic option when it comes to gifts: there is barely a better way to surprise someone without having to buy a specific present. So that you don?t have to hand over a dull piece of paper, a Pixum photo calendar can simply function as a voucher.

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The design: A wide range of designs

Almost all of the calendar formats from Pixum are suitable when designing a customised voucher calendar. This depends primarily on the role that photos and graphics are to play in the overall layout. With a suitable selection of images you can present the vouchers in a visually appealing fashion (e.g. a photo of a wild toboggan run goes well with the tobogganing voucher).

You could, for example, use a Classic A4 wall calendar, placing a high-resolution photo on each page and then add the voucher text by adding an additional text field.

Pixum tip

Use one of the professional Pixum designs to which all you have to do is add photos. Depending on the recipient, choose between the more reserved or the shimmering, colourful variants.

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A new surprise every month

In order to transform your photo calendar into a successful gift, surprise the recipient with a voucher on each page of the calendar, that is, every month. These vouchers should ideally be in keeping with the time of year, for example:

  • July: a visit to the pool
  • January: skiing
  • February: building a snowman together
  • September: help working in the garden
  • May: a visit to a folk festival
  • April:visit to a theme park

Whether you choose to use shared activities or help with cumbersome work as vouchers depends on the recipient - a godchild, grandparent or partner.

Pixum tip

If several parties wish to club together to buy a gift, they can take a page each and thus each give their own voucher.

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