Design a creative baking book

Use our wide range of designs and compile your favourite biscuit and cake recipes in a Pixum photo book!

Design your own baking book

Are you passionate about baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes and other treats? In this Pixum photo book tip, you'll find inspiration on how to collect your favourite recipes - whether from other baking fans or even your own creations - in a great baking book.

Design a baking book for your own collection or as a gift

Gestalte dein Pixum Fotobuch ganz leicht als kreatives Backbuch!

Of course, you can simply use your photo book as a personal recipe collection, but you can also give it as an individual gift for Christmas or birthdays.

For your baking book you need:
  • Recipes
  • Photos of your baked delicacies
  • Photos of yourself baking

How to easily create your own baking book

  1. Choose a selection of photos and recipes for your baking book
  2. .
  3. Start designing in the Pixum Photoworld Software. Choose a suitable format (portrait format is recommended) and select a cover and paper type.
  4. Design your baking book by getting creative with headlines, perhaps also little anecdotes, and a "making-of". Match the recipes to the photos of the finished delicacies and make sure that the pictures on each page harmonise with each other.
  5. If your baking book is to be given as a gift, you can of course also add the occasion and a personal greeting for the recipient.

Alternatively to a completely printed book, there is also the possibility of inserting only the texts and, for example, gluing in the recipe photos together with your children. Or the other way round: Maybe there is an old recipe collection that your parents or grandparents have left you in handwritten form and which you can then stick to the printed photos in your Pixum photo book. Let your creativity run wild!

Create a custom cookbook

Turn your images into a unique recipe book. Design a cookbook with favourite recipes and bring individuality to every kitchen!

Pixum - always beautiful pictures

Tips for choosing photos for your baking book

  • When photographing your culinary results, it's best to keep the target format of your book in mind right from the start. This means that if you want to create a portrait format photo book, you also decorate your cake or biscuits so that you have enough room up and down in the composition.
  • Food photos look good in front of a large, soft light source - for example, a large window. However, the exposure times do not always play along indoors, which can result in camera shake. If necessary, use a tripod to take the photo.
  • Even if these are not always immediately obvious when looking at the screen: Sort out blurred images directly. Zoom into the 100% view to recognise them. It would be a pity to have a blurred image in the printed photo book afterwards.
  • When making your selection, also imagine the image directly in the recipe book layout: For example, you can select the perspective according to whether the image should be placed on the left or right side of a double sheet. This way you achieve a more harmonious effect.

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Go get creative!

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