Photo gift Boxes

Surprise your loved ones with a personalised gift box: either filled with luxurious Ferrero chocolates or one with a compartment for a custom gift to be filled by yourself!

Photo Magnets

Upgrade your kitchen or working space with true eye-catcher!

Photo Box

Your favourite snaps in a fancy nostalgic storage box.

The Iconic Enamel Mug

Design an iconic enamel mug with your favourite snap for a good portion of motivation in the morning!

Pixum Squares

Be your own design interior: Enjoy the revolutionarily easy mounting and re-arrange the set as often as you wish!

Modern Lightweight Photo Frames

Choose one of the lightweight photo frames (either in black or white) for your Poster to give your interior a modern upgrade!

Here's what's new:

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That Bit of Luxury

Set accents with our gold, silver or effect finish to refine the hardcover of your new Pixum Photo Book or your Greeting Cards.

New Pixum Wall Art

Interested in decorating your walls with innovative and creative wall art solutions? Then come and have a look at our Pixum Wall Art! Choose from photo posters, canvas prints, acrylic glass prints and much more.