For a clipboard, you will need:

  • A clip from an arts and crafts shop
  • One 30x20 cm print for each family member
  • A photo of each family member
  • Power strips or hot glue

Putting it all together

  1. Design and order one aluminium print 30x20 cm for each of your family members. Also, if you have macro shots of flowers or similar, you could always use aluminium prints using them.
  2. Once you have received your aluminium photo prints, attach the clip in an appropriate place. To affix it permanently, use hot glue or adhesive strips. Alternatively, you can just leave the clip as it is, without adhesive.
  3. Mount the clipboard to the wall or place it on your sideboard or desk. You're ready to get clipping!

If you need more space, why not create bigger aluminium prints or use larger clips? Can't find the right image? Check out our Pixum Gallery for thousands of professional shots.

We hope you enjoy getting creative!