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Browse through our Christmas market and discover creative ideas for lovingly designed Christmas gifts.

Pixum Photo Book - Page by page an unforgettable gift

Landscape format: Ideal for fantastic panoramic photos

Give your Pixum Photo Book that extra special touch with our gold or silver foil finish on the cover.

from 32,95 ¤

Portrait format: The classic choice

Tip: Decorate your Pixum Photo Book with captions to unforgettable moments.

from 16,95 ¤

Square format: Makes any photo stand out

The square format is perfect for any occasion and looks even better with a couple of cliparts.

from 7,95 ¤

Pixum Photo Calendar - Every month a new memory

Our customer favourite

Surprise your loved ones for Christmas with our most popular photo calendar: The A4 wall calendar in portrait format.

from 14,99 ¤

More room for your pictures

Some pictures just need to be displayed in detail. No problem with an A3 wall calendar.

from 19,99 ¤

The perfect desk decoration

A lovingly designed desk calendar is a must-have for every desk and under every Christmas tree.

from 9,99 ¤

Pixum Wall Art - Find that special memory

Canvas Print: Your photo as a work of art

Classic, easy to hang, great look. Surprise your family this Christmas with a beautiful picture printed onto canvas.

from 21,99 ¤

Gallery Print: Amazing depth effect & brilliant colours

The gallery print will not only make the colours in your photo pop, it will also give it an incredible depth effect though our 4 mm acrylic glass.

from 34,99 ¤

Aluminium Print: Sturdy yet elegant

Give your photos a matt, satin-like finish when you print them on aluminium dibond. Perfect for any motif.

from 20,99 ¤

Wall Art Inspiration

Our Wall Art Assistant

Find the right printing material for your needs with the Pixum Wall Art Assistant. In just a few easy steps our interactive consultation service will lead you to the perfect Christmas gift.

Frame your favourite memories

Try printing your photo on a photo poster and have it framed directly with one of our several frames in different colours, materials and looks.

Pixum Phone Cases - Make your memory the perfect accessory

Flexible phone protection for Christmas

Surprise your loved one with an innovative Christmas gift and have your favourite memory printed onto a silicone case.

from 19,99 ¤

Elegant, beautiful & personalised

Choose the side-flip case, if you not only want to protect your phone, but also have some space for your credit cards.

from 32,95 ¤

Bright colours & simply use

With the premium case you will have your photo printed all around the case, which makes it perfect for any photo.

from 24,95 ¤

More unique phone cases to customise

Overview of our phone case variety

We offer many more phone cases to be personalised. For example, our leather or wooden cases. Now also for iPhone 8!

Christmas Cards - Small gestures with big impacts

Quick, easy & precious

Design your own postcard in M or L and send your friends and family some Christmas greetings.

Set of 10 postcards from 11,99 ¤

Lots of room for saying Merry Christmas

Our folding cards are the ideal solution, if you want to say more than Merry Christmas with more than one photo.

Set of 10 folding cards from 17,99 ¤

More than just a Christmas card

Try something new with a designer stationary card. Square format and great designs.

Set of 10 designer cards from 12,99 ¤

Photo Gifts - More than a memory & more than a simple gift

Have a cup of tea

Make someone smile every time they have a cup of tea or coffee and remind them of great times.

from 9,99 ¤

Come and discover your inner child

Train your brain with a photo memory game and create custom card pairs to give away to the younger family members.

from 17,99 ¤

Gifts to cuddle up to

Surprise your family with cuddly, cosy Christmas gift and design your own cushions and pillows.

from 16,99 ¤

Photo Prints - Beautiful pictures all year round

Photo prints of lovely moments

Every photo is a precious memory and deserves only the best in photo printing. Be it on ultra glossy or satin matt photo paper.

from 0,14 ¤

Why frame if you can print on acrylic glass

Eelegant and timeless, the acrylic block with your photo printed behind acrylic glass, makes for a truely special gift.

from 9,99 ¤

Be retro with our Polaroid-style prints

Don't just print photos, make your own personalised retro and vintage prints. Our retro prints, for example, come in gift boxes of 12, 24 and 32 photos.

from 14,99 ¤

Get creative with your photo prints

Photo strips as bookmarks

Individually design 10 photo strips to give away or to use as your personal bookmarks.

Photo stickers for your Christmas gifts

Design custom photo stickers to attach to your Christmas gifts to give them that extra personal touch.

Photo stickers for the advent calendar

There's always a little room left to stick a personalised photo sticker on somewhere. Maybe on a Christmas card or a custom advent calendar?

We wish you

Merry Christmas