24 little doors with a unique surprise to discover each day

Upload your favourite photo for the front cover and design a Photo Advent Calendar XXL (fill it yourself):

  • available in portrait & landscape
  • additional artistic designs to choose

Photo Advent Calendar XXL (fill it yourself)

Create your Photo Advent Calendar and choose the contents completely by yourself! A great option if you are into DIY projects and the recipient loves handmade gifts.

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Get Creative!

Fill the Advent Calendar with toys and make the kids as happy as ever!

This Advent Calendar seems to have been invented for our smallest ones! Check these gift ideas for the eyes full of pure excitement:

  • animal figures
  • minipuzzle
  • flummies
  • little accessories for a kids kitchen
  • lego pieces or Playmobil accessories
  • stamps
  • sticking plaster with playful design
  • and totally surprisingly - sweets
Design yours starting from 19,99 ¤

Ideas for little surprises

Sweet treats as well as DIY gifts are the perfect filling for this calendar:

  • make-up
  • jewellery (e.g. necklace, ring, bracelet)
  • cinema tickets
  • Christmas tree decorations, cookie cutter or biscuit mold
  • warming spices
  • small candles
  • a custom photo fridge magnet
Design your Advent Calendar to fill it yourself, starting from 19,99 ¤

A unique gift in each small compartment: the sizes

Once you have designed and ordered the calendar, we'll deliver it to you as soon as possible so that you can start filling it.

The single compartments have different sizes which gives you the freedom to choose various gifts for the Advent Calendar.

  • smalles compartment: ca. 5x5 cm
  • middle-sized compartment landscape: ca. 5x13 cm
  • middle-sized compartment portrait: ca. 5x6 cm
  • largest compartment: ca. 10x13 cm
  • total calendar size: 48×36×3.5 cm
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Looking for a different option?

Sometimes we change our mind. So if you'd rather have a simple advent calendar, have a look at the other photo advent calendar types:

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